Supa Sundays is one of Australia’s leading eyewear brands. We distribute and design in our home city of Adelaide in South Australia.

Sneak Peak

We make bold and timeless eyewear for those who are wild and free. Our sunglass frames are sharp and retro inspired. We believe that eyewear is the ultimate expression of individuality. Our sunglasses are designed to be striking statement pieces and, as such, we’re not for everyone.

Our design palette is broad and our inspirations are even broader. We’re on a road trip in an endless summer filled with temperamental surfs that know no rest and cracked pavements that grind beneath our well-turfed skateboards. We’re on our way to the next festival, sunglasses on, amped with crew and cargo in-check.

We’re inspired by the neon lights that flicker life into our back alleyways. We’re fuelled by the wild possibilities of a Saturday night with racing hearts and banging sounds, by paparazzi flashbulbs, strobed visions, snow-filled cubicles, and attitudes torn by a telephone that wont ring and those messages that refuse to go away.

4 - Iggy

Ours are the beefy guitar riffs and punk sounds that float over sticky carpets and those sharp electronic beats whose austere pulses lure our primal rhythms into frenzied states of ecstasy.

We are the filthy ashtrays and ashtray voices that replay in the mind, memories triggered by the marks and smells of last night’s party. Ours are the stained carpets and the torn sofas that our internal compasses land us on after midnight. We are that pair of sunglasses desperately searched for the morning after.

Our days are the Sunday haze when we’ve managed to pause all those trajectories that we didn’t choose but somehow found ourselves on. We are the Sunday Session when we’re no more falling or flying but floating in a post-hallucinogenic malaise.

Diamond Days and Obsidian Nights. We are SUPA SUNDAYS. Welcome to Our World.

6 - Juno

My Bag